Dec 13, 2018  
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

ART 4700 - Advanced Topics in Ceramics

Hours: 4
Advance exploration of ceramic arts through topics rotating over a three year cycle. Topics covered are: mold-making (addresses mold-making techniques in ceramics, pressed and poured molds, and the use of repeated forms for installation); glaze calculation (introduction to the materials and methods in creating glazes, glaze formulary, and history and types of glazes); topical formal issues in ceramic form (figurative approaches in clay; construction and creation of large-scale forms and vessels).
Prerequisites: ART 1150, 2700 and 3700 or permission of instructor.
Notes: Repeatable to 12 hours. This course has an additional fee.