Nov 16, 2018  
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

ANTH 1100 - Introduction to Cultural Geography

Hours: 4
This course explores the central role of place and landscape as a way to construct cultural meaning, social experience, and group identification. Empty space becomes “place” through the cultural process of assigning, contesting, and reproducing these meanings. While some of the material will draw from cross-cultural comparisons, our primary focus will be the United States and in particular our local landscape– Columbus and central Ohio. Themes of particular interest in the course include history and memory, suburbanization, globalization, sustainability, social boundaries, and the importance of geography in maintaining difference and inequality. The course is designed as an intensive service-learning class that will engage students in immersive experiences and volunteer work in various neighborhoods in Columbus and the surrounding areas. This course is linked to the Sociology major and the Sustainability Studies program as well as Cultural Anthropology.