Jul 16, 2018  
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

SYE 4101 - An Immersion Experience in Uruguayan and Argentine Cultures, Language and Professional Life

Hours: 4
This four-credit hour course is to provide the students with a one-month immersion experience in Argentina and Uruguay. In addition to incorporating the SYE processes of Act, Reflect, and Transition, students will attend language classes that develop their communication skills in Spanish, at their own personal level of ability. Students will work on mentored projects that combine their areas of interest with a broader interdisciplinary theme. This experience will allow students to learn about the culture of the region in the context of their major, whether nursing, business, humanities, science, sciences, communications, fine arts, and modern language.

This course combines four pre-departure and one post-travel set of classes, and four weeks off campus. The pre-travel classes in the fall will give students the opportunity to explore the historical, political, cultural and economic attributes of the region, facilitate team building; cultivate intercultural skills and awareness, and discuss different aspects of the international experience. The travelling part of the course will be offered in J term for 4 weeks; three weeks will include extensive immersion in language courses and project- based learning. Students will immerse themselves in Argentinian cultural events, music, dance, art, history, contemporary political and economic issues. Students will experience life in Argentina and what it means to live and work as a member of their chosen profession in Latin America. Permission of instructor required.