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B.S. in Actuarial Science

Otterbein University Course Catalogs

2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Sep 28, 2021  
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Course Prefix Translations

Course Prefix

Prefix Translation

Home Department

ACCT Accounting Business, Accounting and Economics
ANTH Anthropology Sociology and Anthropology
ARAB Arabic Modern Languages and Cultures
ART Art Art
ARTH Art History Art
ASC Academic Support Center Academic Support Center
ASCI Actuarial Science Mathematical Sciences
ASL American Sign Language Modern Languages and Cultures
ATHT Athletic Training Health and Sport Sciences
BIO Biology Biology and Earth Science
BMB Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
BUS Business Business, Accounting and Economics
CHEM Chemistry Chemistry
CHIN Chinese Modern Languages and Cultures
COMM Communication Communication
COMP Computer Science Mathematical Sciences
DANC Dance Theatre and Dance
ECON Economics Business, Accounting and Economics
EDUC Education Education
ENGL English English
ENST Environmental Studies Biology and Earth Science
EQSC Equine Science Equine Science
ESCI Earth Science Biology and Earth Science
ESL English as a Second Language Modern Languages and Cultures
FIN Finance Business, Accounting and Economics
FMST Film Studies English
FREN French Modern Languages and Cultures
FYS First Year Seminar Integrative Studies
GEOG Geography History and Political Science
GERM German Modern Languages and Cultures
GLST Global Studies History and Political Science
HIST History History and Political Science
HLED Health Education Health and Sport Sciences
HNRS Honors Program Honors Program
HPES Health and Physical Education Lifestyle Series Health and Sport Sciences
HRM Human Resources Management Business, Accounting and Economics
IBM International Business & Management Business, Accounting and Economics
INST Integrative Studies Integrative Studies
ITAL Italian Modern Languages and Cultures
JAMC Journalism and Media Communication Communication
JAPN Japanese Modern Languages and Cultures
LEAD Leadership Communication
MATH Mathematics Mathematical Sciences
MBA Master of Business Administration Business, Accounting and Economics
MGMT Management Business, Accounting and Economics
MKTG Marketing Business, Accounting and Economics
MUSC Music Music
NURS Nursing Nursing
PADM Public Administration History and Political Science
PHED Physical Education Health and Sport Sciences
PHIL Philosophy Religion and Philosophy
PHYS Physics Physics
POLS Political Science History and Political Science
PSYC Psychology Psychology
RELG Religion Religion and Philosophy
SLD Student Learning and Development Student Affairs Office
SMGT Sport Management Health and Sport Sciences
SOAN Sociology and Anthropology Sociology and Anthropology
SOCL Sociology Sociology and Anthropology
SPAN Spanish Modern Languages and Cultures
SYE Senior Year Experience Senior Year Experience
THR Theatre Theatre and Dance
TYS Transition Year Seminar Integrative Studies
WGSS Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Women’s Studies
ZOSC Zoo Science Biology and Earth Science